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STIL \ Ja kush ėshtė bukuroshja qė mposhti tė gjitha konkurrentet?! (Foto)

Ja kush ėshtė bukuroshja qė mposhti tė gjitha konkurrentet?! (Foto)
Publikuar: 06/11/15; 09:59

Edymar Martinez, ėshtė vajza 20 vjeēare e cila ėshtė zgjedhur: Miss International Beauty Pageant, trasmeton Puhia.

Pėrfaqėsuesja e Venezuelės u kurorėzua dje nė Tokio si mė e bukura, nė kuadėr tė konkursit ndėrkombėtar i njohur si “olimpiada e bukurisė”.

Nė garė morėn pjesė 65 vajza nga vende tė ndryshme tė bukurės.

Behind the scenes as the beauties ready themselves to compete in the Miss International beauty pageant, now in its 55th year

Miss Venezuela was also elected Miss Perfect Body thanks to her slim, toned physique which she showed off in a navy blue bikini with diamante-studded straps and strappy PVC high heels

Miss Bolivia reflected her country's flag looking radiant in red, green and yellow. Alejandra Panozo Muguertegui's dress harped back to the style of Bolivia's folk costume, but was a little bit on the shorter side so she could show off her perfect pins and sparkly knee-high boots. Her collar was adorned with kantuta flowers, the national flower of Bolivia, and she held a model of an exotic-looking bird with red, green and yellow tail feathers

Miss Malaysia was all about the textiles, wearing a heavily embroidered multi-coloured dress lined with gold. The aptly named Immaculate Lojuki dangled with coloured beads as she held out the wings to her skirt, the width balanced by samurai-eque shoulder pads and a flamboyant headdress with feathers and black and white flowers with sparkly pollen

Miss Honduras Jennifer Valle displays her national costume during the Miss International beauty pageant in Tokyo. She opted for peacock feathers for her green and orange outfit, despite the national bird of Honduras being the colourful scarlet macaw

Miss Paraguay Monica Mariani Pascualoto displays her national costume during the Miss International beauty pageant in Tokyo on November 5 2015. Representatives from 70 countries and regions took part in the beauty pageant

Miss Thailand wore the traditional dress of a fingernail dancer, which you would recognise if you have ever been to Thailand, or indeed a fancy Thai restaurant. Of course Sasi Sintawee wore a particularly intricate one, with a temple-inspired headdress which is so detailed and tall it wouldn't look out of place in a Thai miniature village. The gold continued around the collar, cuffs and waist, with her dress itself made in a sumptuous red silk with Oriental skirt folds and fabric design

Miss Singapore came dressed as the country's mascot, the half-lion half-fish Merlion. Covered in silver scales, Roxanne Zhang's fish tail breaks into white feathers, which look like a bit like flaked white fish meat, which we guess was the desired effect. Wearing an extravagant pearl necklace, her sparkly lion headdress has a mane of white and black and white striped feathers.

Portugal's instantly recognisable blue-and-white tiles formed the basis of Miss Portugal's skirt pattern. The full skirt, held out by a crinoline petticoat, depicts traditional houses, instruments and scenes in the tiled design. Isabel Vieira teamed the skirt with an off-the-shoulder top with ruffled edging and a grey waist belt

Miss Brazil stepped back in time with a disco-inspired tie-dye jumpsuit. Isis Stocco's flared sleeves and trousers took audiences back to the Seventies with the disco ball print ensuring they had a boogie while they were there. The blue tie-dye skirt, though offered shades of the Nineties - and to be honest we're not sure what any of it has to do with Brazil.

El Salvador kept things simple with Eugenia Avalos wearing a white cotton dress depicting vibrant scenes of a classic country landscape, as well as pottery and a colourful toucan



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